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HEB is leading manufacturer in Turkey for parasol, beach umbrella, gazebo, flag, beach flag and banners.

Started its production in 2006 as Büyüksoy Company and continue its growth with dedicated sister company as HEB for international markets.

With professional management, experienced team, sales agents in Europe, and production policies focusing on quality; we form professional advertising products of textile, logotype, and graphic signs of our clients with highest quality in our factory.

We offer modern digital printing, screen printing, flat and rotary printing choices with high resistance to UV rays.

Following an improvement strategy focused on customer and constant renewal with a global vision; today, HEB is exporting to 32 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia and proudly solution partner for global brands of food and beverage market.

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HEB, Flag, Flame, Umbrella, Gazebo, Poster, Portable flags manufacturing and sales services. | Flying Banner, Beach Flag, Giant Pole Flag Pole, Showroom Flag Pole, Aluminum Flag Patch, Send Flags, Table Flags, Flames, Quick Banner, Quick Banner
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HEB is producing parasol and flags with the highest quality with young and dynamic team. | Parasol, umbrella, Flags flag, flag production, flag sale, sail flag, prices, drop flag, swallow flag, digital, corporate, firm, wholesale, retail
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Büyüksoy - HEB contact details | Istanbul, hadımköy, factory, center, turkey, manufacturer, retail, wholesale retail, turkey generic
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Büyüksoy corporate identity and current catalog | Social media, catalog, logo, digital, print, big, heb
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