Pool Umbrella Models, which meet the common needs of everyone from detached houses to site pools, from commercial enterprises to the seaside, are among the most sought-after products of our company. While the 300x300 size polyester fabric pool umbrellas are highly preferred for individual and site pools, these products are also used by hotels for sun loungers by the sea.
These pool umbrellas with manual rope have a very simple design, so they are just as practical to use. Pool umbrellas, which are not affected by pool and sea water with their polyester fabric, and do not tear in a short time due to sand particles that are carried by the wind and can cause wear, can also be produced with a wooden body. Although pool umbrella models with Spanish acrylic fabric are better quality alternatives, our customers who are looking for relatively more affordable products may prefer plain or striped polyester models with a diameter of 200 cm.
Our 300x300 square pool umbrella model, which has a marble wheeled carrier stand, can also choose a 70-liter canister in addition to the wheeled base. Since the 300 cm diameter and cream colored pool umbrellas are mostly in our stocks, they can be delivered to the cargo on the same day as the order, while we can deliver very quickly within Istanbul during the campaign periods. You only need to wait a few days for the pool umbrellas that we do not have in stock on the order date to be produced and delivered to your door.

Our most used umbrella model in site pools and individual pools is our 300x300cm manual rope system polyester fabric umbrella model.
Many of our customers, who use individual pools in villas, also prefer 300x300cm wooden umbrellas with a side body, this product is made of Spanish acrylic fabric.
Our customers looking for a more economical solution can choose a striped or solid colored polyester fabric beach umbrella with a diameter of 200 cm.
Our customers who prefer a 300cm diameter or 300x300cm square model pool umbrella can choose a marble wheel base or 70 LT drum as carrier feet.
Cream colored pool umbrellas with a diameter of 300cm and a size of 300x300cm are usually available in our stocks. We have a free service in Istanbul during the campaign periods.


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