Galatasaray AŞ.

Galatasaray Sportif was established as a result of the need for a professional brand marketing company that will reflect the successes of Galatasaray Professional Football Team, which has been engraved in the history of Turkish football, to commercial revenues. It operates with the mission of maximizing the monetary value of media, sponsorship, licensed product and advertising rights.

At the end of the restructuring and institutionalization process, Galatasaray Futbol A.Ş. and Sportif A.Ş., which undertook the brand management, in order to make the competitive position of the Galatasaray brand both in Turkey and Europe stronger, permanent and continuous and to better keep up with the rapid growth in the world. The merger request of the Capital Markets Board was approved by the Capital Markets Board and the decision was published in the CMB weekly bulletin numbered 2010/31.

The merger decision was taken at the Company's General Assembly held on 31 August 2010 and it was registered on 7 September 2010 and announced in the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette dated 16 September 2010. With this merger, the international competitiveness of Galatasaray Sports Club will be increased, the Galatasaray fans will be served more effectively, all financial, commercial and sports activities of football will be managed in the best way, the reputation of the Galatasaray brand in Turkey and abroad will be increased, the income sources will be diversified and Galatasaray Sports will be promoted. It is aimed that the club will be among the top 20 clubs in Europe.