As Büyüksoy, the most preferred types of garden umbrellas with telescopic system, ventilation chimney system that can circulate air, of our middle or side body sun umbrella models used to protect from rain and sun, which we produce in various sizes according to the needs, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 square dimensions. They are the most preferred sizes, and the electric extra-functional mega giant umbrellas, which can be added to the garden umbrella lighting units, are produced with a classic arm swivel mechanism or with a motor that can be opened and closed with an automatic remote control.

You can view the models suitable for your hotel, cafe, detached house and restaurant on our website and contact our customer representative for their prices. Our garden canopy umbrellas, which we produce in square and round eight forms, are made of polyester fabric with canvas or imported acrylic fabric with heat-proof, rain-proof properties, at the cheapest prices. you can choose.

We produce our 200 cm beach type umbrellas, 2 meters pool umbrella models that we sell all over turkey, as gift promotional umbrellas using the screen printing technique with your desired logo and slogan.

We sell umbrellas belonging to Büyüksoy and HEB brands with a 10-year (umbrella spare part) guarantee. You can take advantage of our Istanbul city service for damaged umbrella parts and repair, and you can get help from our team to repair the damage of your umbrella. You can choose the umbrella frame, which we produce in different thicknesses of the middle tube between 500 mm and 100 mm, according to your budget and the wind degree of your area.

In line with your requests, our technical staff can install throughout Turkey, and you can often come across our HEB & Büyüksoy branded large garden sunshade umbrella models in front of cafes. You can get information from our field team or get service for your questions about the Büyüksoy brand garden pool umbrella types, which are preferred among umbrella manufacturers, with different collapsible mechanisms, marble or fixed feet that can be fixed to the ground. Our restaurant umbrellas, which have a telescopic umbrella umbrella arm and an extra cover that can be opened and closed by inverting, that we can offer the most reasonable prices to the restaurant owners according to the quality scale, have an aluminum main body of 85 mm thickness.

Umbrella manufacturers in Turkey repair umbrellas belonging to their own brands, unfortunately, we cannot repair umbrellas of different brands, since there are no spare parts in the umbrella repairer mentality. Garden table umbrella models, garden heat umbrella types, etc. You can examine our products in our Hadimköy store.

You can find answers to your questions such as how to install a mega size garden umbrella, how to maintain it and how to clean it on our website. We do not sell second-hand garden umbrellas.

It exports umbrellas to countries around the world from our relevant personnel in our export department.

In addition to the shine of sun umbrella fabrics, ice cream sun and balcony umbrellas are indispensable for us to protect us from the excessive contact of sun rays, which are very important with their effects on our skin.
Our garden umbrella products, which perform this protection very effectively with their fabric, are resistant to 50upf heat and UV rays with their Spanish acrylic fabrics.
In addition to all these protective features, the sun umbrellas, which will be the favorite of business owners and detached garden owners with their wide area and modern appearance, will always be near you and will safely protect you from the harmful rays of the sun while you enjoy the summer.
Umbrella fabrics show awareness according to the raw material used. The sun protection of the fabrics used in umbrella making is an important issue. Umbrellas, which have a wide range of usage areas, naturally have so many varieties. Cafe umbrellas are used on the tables in the open areas of cafes to protect them from the sun and rain. These fabrics are of good quality. Quality umbrella fabric provides long-term use in summer and winter months. If it is not going to be used during seasonal transitions, umbrellas with easy folding feature can be preferred.

Garden umbrellas and restaurant umbrellas or umbrellas with side poles can be used for many years. If quality is selected, it will not be affected by hot and cold weather conditions. Wide and large models will also provide more comfortable use. As long as it adapts to the space used, these umbrella fabrics provide a very beautiful appearance and attract the attention of young people. These umbrella fabrics can also be produced in the desired size and according to your style.

Umbrella Fabric Types
Umbrella fabrics with different and various features continue to be produced day by day. New features are added to these fabrics every day.

Now let's talk about the types of these umbrella fabrics:

Acrylic fabric has colorfast and waterproof properties among umbrella fabrics. This is a type of fabric that does not fade for 7 years, no matter what color it is. In addition to its waterproof feature, it also has a coating. The fabric, which has a mesh appearance and is called perforated fabric, is almost the most resistant to wind.

Thanks to its holes, it has the feature of evacuating the wind. This feature prevents the umbrella from being loaded more, but the only disadvantage is that it passes the rain, as it is like a strainer. Polyester fabric is more economical than others. It is Turkish made and has a water-repellent finish, never rainproof. It is very useful and it is one of the most preferred fabrics in umbrella making because it has a wide usage area.

The polyester fabric, whose upper surface is completely water-repellent, offers a wide choice of colors in umbrella production. The negative side of the fabric is that because it is woven from polyester yarn, it may cause fading in colored fabrics. In order to avoid fading, you can choose light colors such as cream or white. In this case, there will be no fading.

Upholstery fabrics suitable for umbrella fabric use are produced from polyester yarn. These fabrics are; It is suitable for any umbrella used in different models and contents such as garden umbrella, restaurant umbrella, pool umbrella, promotional umbrella. We recommend especially cream and beige colors for polyester umbrella fabrics. Due to its content, polyester umbrella fabrics are color sensitive fabrics. They cannot retain their color if exposed to intense sun.

This situation is different for imported fabrics. Umbrella acrylic fabric and olefin fabrics have more color sensitivity and accordingly, the fabric's fading or rotting problem extends up to 3-5 years. Here are the main features of imported umbrella fabrics, yarn or fabric dyeing is not. Imported fabrics are dyed from cotton.

When we look at the printed umbrella fabrics, it varies according to the areas where the umbrellas will be used. Brand, image, etc. Special prints are also embroidered on fabrics. Printed fabrics are preferred especially for umbrellas used by restaurants. We produce printed fabrics upon your request for all types of umbrellas used in garden environments, especially on beaches, store entrances and many other places. These are produced from the highest quality fabric types and offer you the opportunity to use them for many years.

Our umbrellas are very useful and safe, proving their thick main body and durable arms, tear-resistant imported acrylic fabric, and the use of right feet against overturning in the winds, heavy marble structure, and wind-resistant structure in line with their usage areas.

In addition to our standard-sized umbrella models, there are also mega-size garden umbrellas. The square one of our mega-size umbrellas is 600x600 cm in diameter and the round one has a 700 cm diameter.

In addition to all these features, our large umbrellas, which are a suitable product with prices suitable for your budget, are waiting for you with wide protection areas.

In umbrellas that open and close in the telescopic system, when the umbrella starts to open, a second tube profile on the upper part of the umbrella enters the profile on the wide main body of the umbrella, shortening its length, and at the same time, the fabric part of the umbrella is opened to a suitable size.

Thanks to a mechanism connected to the fabric and arms of our manual system garden umbrella models, the umbrella can be opened and closed with the help of a cord rope or an arm. The length of the umbrella remains the same whether it is closed or open.

Side-bodied umbrellas. The umbrella awning, which is suspended on an inclined wooden pole on the side of the umbrella, is gathered with the help of a tensioned rope arm mechanism and the umbrella is opened by stretching.

It is important to have a ventilation chimney system in umbrellas, while the heated air is evacuated from the chimney in chimney systems, a cool air circulation occurs.

Buyuksoy | heb ; Umbrellas, which are indispensable for our businesses regardless of summer or winter, both protect your customers from raindrops and prevent the burning sun rays from disturbing your customers with a UV-protected fabric. These large cafe type umbrellas, which transform the area they cover into living spaces, serve you business owners for many years with their durable structure. Just as the comfort and satisfaction of your customers who will visit your venues are important to you, it is equally important for us that you, the owners of the venues, have access to the high quality product they want to have. For this reason, in this section, you will be able to examine our umbrella models of different models and sizes, browse the umbrellas with worm gear system that will facilitate you in opening and closing, and you will have the most suitable product. You can use our umbrellas, which are generally preferred by cafe, restaurant and various summer outdoor business owners, in your pools, balconies, gardens and other areas that you want to shade. You can find the general and technical specifications of our umbrellas in the product details.

Our square-shaped cafe umbrella models are between 300x300cm and 600x600cm, and round-shaped umbrellas are available in various sizes from 300 cm to 700 cm in diameter.
The Spanish Docril brand acrylic fabric we use in the product has water repellency as well as heat and rainproof properties, and is guaranteed against fading and rotting for 10 years by the manufacturer.
With the help of the worm gear system in our new generation telescopic system umbrella models, the umbrella can be opened and closed for use without lifting the tables and chairs, due to its ability to be opened and closed telescopically by pushing up and down.
We use a chimney system in cafe type crank system sun umbrellas, since this system circulates the air, the bottom of the umbrella always stays cool and the fabric part of the umbrella is protected to a certain extent from strong winds.
As additional equipment, we can paint the entire aluminum and steel body of the umbrella in the color you desire, electrostatically, add electrical equipment for you to use a heater, and add LED lighting units.

Müşterilerinin rahatlığını karşılarken, mekânlarının modern ve hoş görünmesini isteyen işletme sahiplerinin, HEB | Büyüksoy olarak bu isteklerine kulak veriyoruz ve sitemizin bu bölümününde sorularınıza cevap bulabileceğinizi düşünüyoruz.

Müşterilerinizi yağışlı havalardan ve bunaltıcı güneş ışınlarının ısısından koruyacak olan yandan gövdeli şemsiye modellerimiz, etki ettiği koruma alanı ve kendine özel hoş dekoru ile işletmelerinizin vazgeçilmezi olacak. Koruma ve dekorunun yanı sıra ahşap malzemesiyle de oldukça kaliteli olan ürünümüz, gün içinde değişen güneş açısına uyum sağlaması için 360 derece dönme yeteneğine sahip olacak şekilde üretilmiştir. Zeminiyse toplamda 240 kg ağırlığa sahip mermer ile sabitlenmektedir.

Böylelikle yandan gövdeli bahçe şemsiyelerimiz, yoğun rüzgârda bile savrulmaz, günün her saati değişen güneş pozisyonuna göre kolayca ayarlanarak gün boyu gölgelik sunarken; dayanıklı yapısıyla da siz müşterilerimizin her türlü ihtiyacına cevap vermiş olacaktır. Kare,dikdörtgen ve yuvarlak geometrik şekillerde üretilen bu bahçe şemsiye modelimiz, stoklarımızda hazır olan bordo, krem ve yeşil renk seçeneklerinin yanı sıra dekorunuza uyum sağlayacak farklı renk seçenekleri ile birlikte de tasarlanabilir.

Tüm bu özelliklerinin yanında, iklim şartlarından özellikle de rüzgârdan etkilenmeyen yapısıyla yandan gövdeli şemsiye modellerimiz, siz müşterilerimiz için en uygun fiyatlarla sitemizin bu bölümünde yer almaktadır. Yandan gövdeli lamba şemsiyesi olarak da bilinen bu şemsiye modelimizi, çeşitli işletmelerde, havuz kenarlarında, bahçede, terasta, cafelerde de kullanabilirsiniz. Bahçe, havuz ve deniz kenarlarında vakit geçrimeyi keyifli hale getiren, yandan direkli şemsiye olarak da adlandırılan bu modelimizin genel ve teknik özelliklerini aşağıda bulabilirsiniz.

Ahşap, alüminyum ve çelik malzemelerden tercih edebileceğiniz yandan gövdeli bahçe şemsiye modellerimizin kare ve dikdörtgen formatındaki ölçüleri 300x300cm - 350x350cm - 300x400cm şeklinde iken yuvarlak formatındaki ölçüleri 300, 350 ve 400 cm çapındadır. 

Yandan gövdeli şemsiyelerimizde kullandığımız kumaş 320 gr/m2 İspanya-dan ithal olup 10 yıl solmaya karşı üretici firma tarafından garanti edilmektedir.

Kendi etrafında 360 derece dönebilme kabiliyetine sahip bu şemsiyelerimiz güneşin hareketliliğine göre ayarlanabilir olup uygun ağırlıktaki mermer ağırlıklarla sabitlenmektedir.

Bu gruptaki yandan gövdeli ampul şemsiye modellerimiz stoklarımızda krem renkli, bordo renkli ve yeşil renklerinde genellikle hazırda bulunur, stokta bulunmayan ürünler yaklaşık 7-15 iş gününde üretilir.

Ahşap, alüminyum ve çelik malzemelerden tercih edebileceğiniz yandan gövdeli bahçe şemsiye modellerimizin kare ve dikdörtgen formatındaki ölçüleri 300x300cm - 350x350cm - 300x400cm şeklinde iken yuvarlak formatındaki ölçüleri 300, 350 ve 400 cm çapındadır. 

Yandan gövdeli şemsiyelerimizde kullandığımız kumaş 320 gr/m2 İspanya-dan ithal olup 10 yıl solmaya karşı üretici firma tarafından garanti edilmektedir.

Kendi etrafında 360 derece dönebilme kabiliyetine sahip bu şemsiyelerimiz güneşin hareketliliğine göre ayarlanabilir olup uygun ağırlıktaki mermer ağırlıklarla sabitlenmektedir.

Bu gruptaki yandan gövdeli ampul şemsiye modellerimiz stoklarımızda krem renkli, bordo renkli ve yeşil renklerinde genellikle hazırda bulunur, stokta bulunmayan ürünler yaklaşık 7-15 iş gününde üretilir.

Gazebo is a gazebo model with a half or completely closed construction that can stand alone. Although it is usually octagonal, you can also find round or square options. It has a detached roof, floor and parapet. Dome tent products are generally known for their multi-purpose use. We always work with a focus on customer satisfaction, without sacrificing quality, with our domed tents, which have taken their place among the tent, awning and tarpaulin products we produce. You can protect yourself and your loved ones by choosing our domed tent products at weddings and special nights. You can use Gazebo tent products in many areas without hesitation. You can even use it when creating your own space in your organization or in the garden of your home. Our product, which is supported by extremely durable materials, protects from sun rays and rain. In addition, among the features of the fabric, there is a low wear rate. There are also types that are fixed to the ground and soil with the ropes extended from the sides. The use of domed tents is generally included in outdoor exhibitions in our country. These exhibitions, which will be held outdoors, may end in frustration with the change of weather and conditions over time. Our domed tent products reverse this situation and allow you to prepare a safe environment for your guests. Our domed tent product is frequently preferred and ordered at congresses and fairs. There are quite a few differences in the use of gazebo tents. Those who want can enjoy it by using it on the beaches, and those who want it in the city centers. It is also suitable for protecting the resting areas from the sun in houses with large gardens. You can also use it in the garden part of your business to make your customers comfortable and make them feel special. Its extremely durable structure is reinforced against wind, humidity, heat and rain.


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