Garden umbrella models

Garden umbrella models

As Büyüksoy, the most preferred types of garden umbrellas with telescopic system, ventilation chimney system that can circulate air, of our middle or side body sun umbrella models used to protect from rain and sun, which we produce in various sizes according to the needs, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 square dimensions. They are the most preferred sizes, and the electric extra-functional mega giant umbrellas, which can be added to the garden umbrella lighting units, are produced with a classic arm swivel mechanism or with a motor that can be opened and closed with an automatic remote control.

You can view the models suitable for your hotel, cafe, detached house and restaurant on our website and contact our customer representative for their prices. Our garden canopy umbrellas, which we produce in square and round eight forms, are made of polyester fabric with canvas or imported acrylic fabric with heat-proof, rain-proof properties, at the cheapest prices. you can choose.

We produce our 200 cm beach type umbrellas, 2 meters pool umbrella models that we sell all over turkey, as gift promotional umbrellas using the screen printing technique with your desired logo and slogan.

We sell umbrellas belonging to Büyüksoy and HEB brands with a 10-year (umbrella spare part) guarantee. You can take advantage of our Istanbul city service for damaged umbrella parts and repair, and you can get help from our team to repair the damage of your umbrella. You can choose the umbrella frame, which we produce in different thicknesses of the middle tube between 500 mm and 100 mm, according to your budget and the wind degree of your area.

In line with your requests, our technical staff can install throughout Turkey, and you can often come across our HEB & Büyüksoy branded large garden sunshade umbrella models in front of cafes. You can get information from our field team or get service for your questions about the Büyüksoy brand garden pool umbrella types, which are preferred among umbrella manufacturers, with different collapsible mechanisms, marble or fixed feet that can be fixed to the ground. Our restaurant umbrellas, which have a telescopic umbrella umbrella arm and an extra cover that can be opened and closed by inverting, that we can offer the most reasonable prices to the restaurant owners according to the quality scale, have an aluminum main body of 85 mm thickness.

Umbrella manufacturers in Turkey repair umbrellas belonging to their own brands, unfortunately, we cannot repair umbrellas of different brands, since there are no spare parts in the umbrella repairer mentality. Garden table umbrella models, garden heat umbrella types, etc. You can examine our products in our Hadimköy store.

You can find answers to your questions such as how to install a mega size garden umbrella, how to maintain it and how to clean it on our website. We do not sell second-hand garden umbrellas.

It exports umbrellas to countries around the world from our relevant personnel in our export department.