Buyuksoy | heb ; Umbrellas, which are indispensable for our businesses regardless of summer or winter, both protect your customers from raindrops and prevent the burning sun rays from disturbing your customers with a UV-protected fabric. These large cafe type umbrellas, which transform the area they cover into living spaces, serve you business owners for many years with their durable structure. Just as the comfort and satisfaction of your customers who will visit your venues are important to you, it is equally important for us that you, the owners of the venues, have access to the high quality product they want to have. For this reason, in this section, you will be able to examine our umbrella models of different models and sizes, browse the umbrellas with worm gear system that will facilitate you in opening and closing, and you will have the most suitable product. You can use our umbrellas, which are generally preferred by cafe, restaurant and various summer outdoor business owners, in your pools, balconies, gardens and other areas that you want to shade. You can find the general and technical specifications of our umbrellas in the product details.

Our square-shaped cafe umbrella models are between 300x300cm and 600x600cm, and round-shaped umbrellas are available in various sizes from 300 cm to 700 cm in diameter.
The Spanish Docril brand acrylic fabric we use in the product has water repellency as well as heat and rainproof properties, and is guaranteed against fading and rotting for 10 years by the manufacturer.
With the help of the worm gear system in our new generation telescopic system umbrella models, the umbrella can be opened and closed for use without lifting the tables and chairs, due to its ability to be opened and closed telescopically by pushing up and down.
We use a chimney system in cafe type crank system sun umbrellas, since this system circulates the air, the bottom of the umbrella always stays cool and the fabric part of the umbrella is protected to a certain extent from strong winds.
As additional equipment, we can paint the entire aluminum and steel body of the umbrella in the color you desire, electrostatically, add electrical equipment for you to use a heater, and add LED lighting units.


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