Beach Umbrella Manufacturing: Beach umbrellas, the icon of hot summer days, are now very colorful. We produce summer sea beach umbrellas with logo print in accordance with the needs of our customers, which we produce and ship in high quantities to Adana, Antalya, Aydın, Balıkesir, Çanakkale, Edirne, Fethiye, Mersin, Muğla, İzmir provinces and cities in the Aegean and Mediterranean coastal regions. We manufacture sea umbrellas in white, cream solid color or striped (yellow white, blue white, red white, green white) colors, which we produce with polyester fabric in 10 wire 200cm, 8 wire 180cm, 220cm, 240cm and 250cm dimensions. We offer 10-leaf promotions with a diameter of 2 meters to our customers at the cheapest and most affordable prices. You can view our discounted stock products on the campaign products page of our website and buy them online. For your wholesale orders, we design Algida type promotional beach umbrellas for you, manufacture them in as little as two weeks, and deliver them to your address. You can fix your umbrella with 32 Lt, 20 Lt umbrella cans or a plastic foot with a twisted stud apparatus, and you can enjoy the sun for a long time with your loved ones in summer. You can obtain steel-framed canopy beach umbrellas that can be opened and closed easily with a single movement and can be bent in the direction of the sun, from Istanbul, Eminönü, İstoç, Gebze, Pendik, Unkapanı, Tahtakale and Ümraniye regions. We also sell high numbers of light folding, portable, canister, automatic and manual varieties to our cities such as Ankara Bursa, Denizli, Eskişehir and Kırklareli to use in pools. On our site, you can obtain parts such as umbrella base, lower pipe, umbrella auger, foot auger, stick, water drum from our spare parts service. You can get information from our customer representatives about canopy beach parasol sizes, repair, how to open, how to fix, where to sell, where to buy, suggestions and recommendations.

Printed Promotional Beach Umbrella: For your promotional needs, we can help you display your prominent advertisement on crowded beaches by applying your black/white, colored images on the overhanging fabric wings of the umbrella or on the entire fabric surface of the umbrella in your order for beach umbrellas. The printing technique that we can apply for your orders of 100 or more is in the form of serigraphy, and we can only produce if your order of umbrellas with color photo printing is 1,000 or more. The logo application form suitable for your corporate identity on colored fabrics is in the style of screen printing, and we apply rotation printing technique on a complete white polyester fabric for visual applications in color photo quality. Logo printed beach umbrella production time varies between 1 week and 5 weeks, depending on our density and order quantity.


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